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Tecnocat – Factory Series | Vlm-G1 / Vlm-G1+2

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VLM-G1 / VLM-G1+2

Equipment optimized for glass rotation with no effort and totally safely in applications with numeric control in vertical mode, for example: glass evacuation from cutting machines, works in productions lines inputs and outputs.

Endless rotation and tilting movements are controlled by a comfortable remote control box.

250kg (551 lb)
59kg (130 lb)
400kg (882 lb)
74kg (163 lb)

VLM-G1 / VLM-G1+2

Potencia eléctrica nominal - Nominal electric power 350 W
Equipo giratorio motorizado - Motorised rotating equipment 0º – 360º
Alimentación eléctrica - Electrical power 400 VAC (50-60 Hz) Triphase
OPTIONAL: 230 VAC Monophase
Caudal sistema de vacío - Vacuum system air flow 5 m³/h