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Smart Storage

LT Series

Reliability and versatility for the average company. LT automatic loaders have been developed to meet continuous and demanding production needs in those companies with a limited variety of glass. They are robust and modular equipments for jumbo or half jumbo size glass, designed to work autonomously

LA Series

LA automatic loaders can fully manage the whole warehouse and glass transportation. They can feed up to four cutting tables and can be composed of fixed racks, glass classifiers or a combination of both together with different glass sizes simultaneously. They can work in conjunction with LR type chargers

SR Series

SR automatic storage systems are ideal for taking advantage of spaces of virtually any shape and size. The SR storage moves the whole racks next to cutting tables with automatic loading or LR loaders. If you add a cutting table equipped with vacuum cups in the loading arm, you can get a simple and low-cost way to get automated, high-performance storage, loading and cutting processes

Common Features


The machines have been designed to fit virtually any space, offering compact, versatile solutions and to expand as storage needs grow. An equipment for today and for the future

Outstanding performance and reliability

The machines have been overhauled, recycling what has been proven to be an optimal solution and applying new and innovative developments where there was room for improvement. The result is extremely robust machines, with unrivalled performance, which ensure extremely high reliability and durability over time

Tailor-made Solutions to Fit Your Needs

No two factories or two customers are the same. TUROMAS optimizes and designs smart glass storage and loading systems individually according to the available space, current production needs and future projections in order to generate the ideal solution for each particular case

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a new way of understanding the industry’s operation based on the machines data. TUROMAS runs state-of-the-art software that guarantees the perfect interconnectivity of the machines and an optimum use of resources

Remote Assitance

All our machines are supplied with Remote Assistance System. It allows to carry out maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently