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Tecnocat – Factory Series | Vn6-Gb2 / Vn6-Gb2+2

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VN6-GB2 / VN6-GB2+2

Equipment specially indicated for the tilting of glass without effort and with security in horizontal type numerical control applications, glass evacuation of cutting tables, work at the exit of camera lines with horizontal sealing, etc.

It adds the functionality of the 90º pneumatic turn to facilitate the work of the operator.

250kg (882 lb)
57kg (125 lb)
400kg (882 lb)
69kg (152 lb)

VN6-GB2 / VN6-GB2+2

7 bar – 100 l/min
Equipo giratorio neumático - Pneumatic rotating equipment 0º – 90º
Sistema de soporte de equipo - Equipment support system OK
Caudal sistema de vacío - Vacuum system air flow 2,4 m³/h
Equipo basculante neumático - Pneumatic tilting equipment 0º – 90º