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Genano Elixair 1250

Clean Indoor Air Quality

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Genano - Elixair E1250

Genano® Elixair E1250

Elixair duct filter supplements the existing air ventilation system. The duct filter is highly effective, requires conjunctional installation in the fresh air duct, as it filters out the smallest of particles from the supply air, preventing them from entering the room. The duct filter does not get clogged which guarantees a steady filtration efficiency.

You can download below the results of the laboratory tests that were conducted using Genano technologies

Genano Microbe Elimination Results 2020 PDF

Visit the Genano website to find out more details of the products that are available.


Technical Information
Genano® Elixair E1250
Cleaning capacity
1000 m3/h
Cleaning efficiency
Gas removal
Active carbon
Connected to central ventilation
Fan speed
Central ventilation
Dimensions (W x H x D)
285 x 450 x 500 mm
19 kg

Prevents pollution, allergens and dust entering indoor air from ventilation

Steady air pressure through unclogging filters

Savings in energy and maintenance costs