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Tecnocat – Factory Series | Vn5-B4 / Vn5-B4+4

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VN5-B4 / VN5-B4+4

Very compact equipment with medium dimensions, optimized to work in factory with same applications as VN2 but using a pneumatic lifting system which allows to spare the hoist and provide more stiffness. Its removable extensions (VN5-B4+4 model) allow to transport different glass sizes with the same equipment and totally safely

400kg (882 lb)
92kg (203 lb)
400kg (882 lb)
108kg (283 lb)

VN5-B4 / VN5-B4+4

7 bar – 100 l/min
Equipo giratorio - Rotating equipment  –
Caudal sistema de vacío - Vacuum system air flow 2,4 m³/h
Equipo basculante neumático - Pneumatic tilting equipment 0º – 90º