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Elevah | 40 Move Picking

Renovated, more comfortable and compact

The self propelled machine for safe picking activities to up to 4 metres, with automatic elevation and a 24 volt battery.
The new version, made completely of aluminium, holds more, and is more manouverable and ergonomic.

The picking platform

1. The manual remote control allows the regulation of the picking platform, even when loaded, according to the edge of the basket.
2. Wide loading platform, extendable up to 66cm x 92cm.

Propelled on the ground, with more compact wheel control for easier picking activities.

The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

Technical Data of the Platform


40 MICRO - Safety Micro Switch

Inserted into the basket, this device prevents the lifting of the machine when the basket is open, increasing the safety level

40 EPP - Components to enlarge the picking tray

These elements allow to enlarge the picking tray of 15 cm per side. Easy to be removed. It can be stored away in the provided location on the machine

LITIO 2 - Kit with 2 Zenit 24 Volt 25 A lithium batteries + increased battery charger

They double the operating power reserve with the same overall dimensions.
Longer lasting: approximately 1500 recharge cycles as opposed to 500 with AGM or acid lead batteries.
With a more powerful battery charger, approximately 25 A/hour, it recharges rapidly. It is possible to recharge batteries at any time without damaging their duration.
Do not use in cold environments, such as cooling cells.

24 Volt 25 A increased battery charger for lithium batteries

Necessary for rapid recharge, situated outside the machine as opposed to the standard internal battery chargers.
It is possible to recharge batteries at any time without damaging their duration.
Differences between a standard battery charger and an increased battery charger:


BATTERY KIT Standard Battery Charger Increased battery charger 25 A
LITIO 2 8 hours 2 hours

PFE - Front removable protection for the picking tray

CC - Retractable cable for the charger

51 KEY - Machine start-up with code

Useful to use machines in crowded environments; prevent start-up by inexperienced people.

40 CR - Additional lifting control

Portable control able to lift the machine remaining at ground. Indispensable for the use of cod. 40 CAR1.

40 C - Belt with winder to block the goods during picking activities

Useful to hold the goods on the picking platform.

40 CAR - Patented loading system for vans (cm 55-75)

40 CAR 1 - Fixed patented loading system for lorries (cm 110)

Max loading height: 110cm
To be use together with the additional control (code 40 CR).

40 LAMP - Flashing warning

Combined with the acustic signal, it works both during lifting and translation.

40 ORE - Hour counter

40 PE - Electric picking platform

40 PRIC - Foldable picking plate

With the folded picking plate has the machine a very small footprint.
Ideal for transporting the machine in tight spaces, such as aisles with shelves or elevators. Useful also to store the machine, if you do not have much space.

40 COV - Resistant tarpaulin

Useful to store the machine.

40 PR - Adjustable banks for picking platform


40 PICK.PLE - Certification of the machine following Aerial Platform norms. It involves increasing the weight of the machine (256 kg)

Mechanical lock of the basket, rear protection of the platform, selection of the Lift or Move mode, less ground clearance to respect antitilting norm, reduction of the working speed (equal to the analogous model of aerial platform).
It involves increasing the weight of the machine

TA 5 - Cushioning Pad in EVA

CL - Wooden Crate for shipping