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Muratori – Alu Doubler F

Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P are industry exclusive automatic Milling and Bending system to ensure accuracy with a double fold on the edges of aluminum honeycomb/corrugated panels for architectural facades.

Alu Doubler F (milling) mills off one of the two skins of aluminum honeycomb panels’ and executes V-shape grooves on one or two lines for the single or the double bend.

ALU Doubler F performs the double milling to remove the unfinished layer and the honeycomb core to the back of the finished layer, while simultaneously performing a double score to ensure clean lines and consistency when performing the double fold on the ALU Doubler P.

PDF Download

Muratori - Alu Doubler PDF Download

Choose Alu
Doubler F

Panel Chain
Driver (track)
Protected Edges
and Corners
Main Advantages
Hood Suction
Industrial Panel
Option for
Large Panels

High Quality

  • High quality, powerful gearbox for an adjustable continuous feed

High Precision

  • The linearity of the panel feeding is guaranteed by the sliding track which has been manufactured with high precision


  • Long term reliability and accurate precision due to the monobloc frame that is processed singulary on the machining centre.

Workable Materials

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
  • Alucore®
  • Larcore®
  • Plascore®
  • Starcell®
  • Cel Components®
  • Honylite®
Aluminum Corrugated Core
  • Metawell®
  • Doluflex®