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Cold Wire Drawing Machines

promostar, Italy

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General Description

Cold wire drawing machines are used to produce cold drawn steel wire in spider reels or coils.

Cold wire drawing machines manufactured by Promostar are complete lines or just single unit able to reduce the diameter of the plain wire by means of multiple reduction steps up to the desired size on the final product, which has to complain to the market.

Drawn steel wire applications are normally for the industrial or agricultural sector for the production of smooth wire, galvanized wire, bright wire, barbed wire, bailing wire, barrier strand, fencings wire, spring wire, nails and tying wire.


Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the field of process of rolling, we manufacture high performances automatic turn key plants, that are tailor made on the needs of our customers in terms of layout, products sizes, mechanical properties, level of automation and which allow to finally reduce the transformation costs for each tons of steel wire produced.

Our offer is not limited to the construction of machines and equipment. If required, we are also able to supply valid training, technical assistance and consulting to improve the production of the cold roll process; These services are the keys to reach the target and maintain it over time in terms of efficiency and performance of the plant as well as in terms of correct mechanical properties of the wire produced.

Technical Specifications

Working Speed (max) Up to 30 m/s for coils/spools
Inlet Wire Diameter 5.5 ÷ 10 mm
Wire quality at entrance low carbon wire rod
Outlet wire diameter 1 ÷ 8 mm
Type of wire at exit Smooth wire coil
Coil weight (max) Up to 3 tons