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Tecnocat Glass Movement


TECNOCAT has presence in the market since 1997.
They have turned into one of the main world manufacturers of handling, transporting and storage machinery for glass.


Since its creation, TECNOCAT has used its own technological resources to do the global design of every single equipment. Not only mechanical and electrical concepts, but also the control software, which has been designed by the Technical Department of TECNOCAT.

TECNOCAT is specialized in the following machinery: storage and handling equipment for flat glass.

Customized projects

If the customer needs a specific requirements, there is a technical team at his disposal to design, manufacture and implement a large variety of solutions.

Their technical department offers a personalized counselling and help with everything related to glass industry: evaluation of hardware and software needs, features and distribution of machinery and strategies to increase productivity and efficiency.

Continuous innovation

TECNOCAT machines and equipment have developed as new kinds of glass have been appearing and new quality requirements like precision, speed and final appearance as well.

Their design engineering team has developed new technologies to accomplish all these new demands without forgetting other aspects like robustness reliability which have always been present in our brand.

Presence in the world

The continuous adaptation to the needs of this industry and our commitment to quality and close service have been the main keys why TECNOCAT equipment has been recognized worldwide.