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Muratori – Alu Ranger VGroove

Alu Ranger VGroove

is the powerful CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table for milling, drilling and grooving at very high speed made for composite panels used in architecture, transport, interior design and visual communication.

The VGROOVE series

The VGROOVE series has been designed and equipped to process composite aluminum panels for the fabrication of architectural façades.

The correct choice of tools

With the correct choice of tools and optionals, it is possible to also process solid aluminum panels, fireproof aluminum composite panels “MINERAL CORE”, HPL, fiber cement and plastic for facades, interior design and visual communication. The machine can process different types of panels by using the adequate tools, rotation speed, the right feeding speed and lubrication when processing.

Greater rigidity

The rigidity of the vertical structure ensures greater vibration absorption, less cutting indentation, longer machine and tool life.

Product Models Available

Alu Ranger VGroove models available are 4221, 6321 and 10121.

Choose Alu

4221 | 6321 | 10121

More space
Greater safety
Better ergonomic
Greater efficiency
Greater cleanliness
More secure hold
Greater automation
Double dust

60% less floor space

  • Designed to occupy less space
  • Ergonomic access to the vertical table
  • Safer work environment for the operator
  • Eliminate table prep, debris not held falls to the floor

Integrated automation

  • Automatic loading and positioning without operators
  • Increased productivity
  • Zero risk of panels falling with patented holding device
  • Ergonomically designed for easy panel off-loading

Panel Vacuum Holding

  • More vacuum holding zones made for panels
  • Easy release for processed panels (patent pending)
  • Possibility of resuming work on panels that have not been unloaded without losing the references
  • Alucobond®
  • Larson®
  • Alpolic®
  • Stacbond®
  • Alubond®
  • Sibalux®
  • Albond®
  • Arconic®
  • Vitrabond®
  • Alupanel®
  • Neobond®
Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
  • Alucore®
  • Larcore®
  • Plascore®
  • Starcell®
  • Cel Components®
  • Honylite®
Aluminum Corrugated Core
  • Metawell®
  • Doluflex®
Fibre Cement
  • Cembrit®
  • Equiton®
  • Copanel®
  • Swiss Pearl®
  • Trespa®
  • Max Exterior®
  • Polyrey®
  • Resopal®
  • Fundermax®