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About Us

The future is here, the future is now

Grand Minator Promotional has been working in the advertising industry for over 15 years producing advertising material such as tee-shirts, caps, clothing etc that bear the logos/names of our esteemed clients.

Over the years, Grand Minator Promotional has extended its client base through the successful cooperation with Pagonides Hellas distribution and as such is now an authorised reseller of Alfra and Portwest products.

This sustained growth, through the extended work undertaken by the general manager Mr Vassos Vasiliou, was achieved through the tireless hours Mr Vasiliou spent visiting hundreds of companies throughout Cyprus where he promoted such world renowned brands.

Through this process he was able to understand the needs and demands of the Cyprus market and through this process it came to Mr Vasiliou attention that there were no real solutions for people who required to lift/move heavy items such as huge glass panels both indoors and outdoor.

Armed with this new knowledge he sought to find the best companies who could provide the best solutions required such as vacuum lifters or mini cranes for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Step forward MEP Group, Italy, Tecnocat, SpainALMAC, ItalySmartlift, DenmarkAIRO, Italy, Jekko, Italy, Viavac, Holland, Elevah Italy, Muratori Machines, Italy, Promostar, Italy, EK-Robotics, Germany, Palazzani, Italy, Turomas, Spain and Genano, Finland who all specialise in the tools required for the solutions Mr Vasilou seeked to offer.

It give us great pleasure to introduce our new co-operation with Prodim, Netherlands, allowing our customers to have solutions for bent glass!


Grand Minator Promotional is now the exclusive distributor for “Alfra, Germany”, “MEP Group, Italy”, “Tecnocat, Spain”, “ALMAC, Italy”, “Smartlift, Denmark”, “AIRO, Italy”, “Jekko, Italy”, “Viavac, Holland”, “Prodim, Netherlands”, “Elevah, Italy”, “Muratori Machines, Italy”, “Promostar, Italy” and “EK-Robotics, Germany”, “Palazzani, Italy”, “Turomas, Spain” and “Genano, Finland” products for Greek and Cyprus market.

This cooperation with Alfra, AIRO, Almac, Elevah, EK-Robotics, Genano, Jekko, MEP, Muratori Machines, Palazzani, Promostar, Prodim, Smartlift, Tecnocat, Turomas and Viavac means we can now offer many of the solutions required for companies that work in the construction industry such wholesale glass distribution/factories, wholesale aluminium distribution/factories and many other type of distributions/factories.

Grand Minator Promotional promises to stand side by side with the needs of its customers through its proficient and excellent after sales support.

The future is here, the future is now.