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Smartlift | SL409 Outdoor

SL409 outdoor

Lifts up to 430 kg / 950 lbs

The SL409 Outdoor glass robot is a great choice for small and medium size installation outdoors. Built for driving in terrain it passes most obstacles on a construction site and keeps the load safe.

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Product Description

Heavy lifting in a compact design

The new SL409 HLE RT is efficient and hard working. It saves you the cost of extra hands for mounting of elements like glass, windows, granite, marble, and steel and it never needs a day off. The increasing demand for triple pane windows and other energy-saving building elements triggers much more heavy lifting. The compact and ruggedized design helps you get the job done in a safe and efficient way.

The new 9-series incorporates years of know-how and customer feedback (USA launch 2023).


  • SL409 Outdoor
  • SL409 Outdoor High Lifter (HL)
  • SL409 Outdoor High Lifter Electric (HLE)
  • SL409 Outdoor High Lifter Electric RoTation (HLE RT)


The combination of power, size and options makes SL 408 Outdoor series a smart choice for many glazing professionals. It also features sideway shifting up to 10 cm (4 in.) for higher flexibility during installation.

extensions of arm

up to 120 cm / 48 in

Lifting Height

365 cm / 144 in

Trackunit IoT unit and wireless remote control optional


Lifting capacity SL409 Outdoor

Technical data SL409 Outdoor

Lifting Capacity SL409 Outdoor HL

Technical data SL409 Outdoor HL

Lifting Capacity SL409 Outdoor HLE

Technical data SL409 Outdoor HLE

Lifting Capacity SL409 Outdoor HLE RT

Technical data SL409 Outdoor HLE RT

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Features in SL409 Outdoor HLE RT

Vacuum system is remotely controlled

Stay focused on the mounting and release the vacuum with the remote control.

Speedy tilting

The increased speed of tilting easily gets you in position for the final adjustments.

New gel battery pack

The SL409 HLE RT comes with a gel battery pack for general availability and longer lifetime.

Save position for repeated mounting

Save a mounting position on the remote control and retrieve it for repeated mounting.

X/Y movement

The straight movement is easy to control and prevents damages from accidentally bumping something in the normal curved movement.

Theft protection, geofencing and remote diagnostics

The built-in Trackunit IoT device is safeguarding against theft and breakdowns

Safety features

The emergency stop is easy to reach and the light tower indicates correct operation and errors like low vacuum pressure and other system errors.

SL409 Outdoor HLE RT