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LA Series

LA automatic loaders can fully manage the whole warehouse and glass transportation. They can feed up to four cutting tables and can be composed of fixed racks, glass classifiers or a combination of both together with different glass sizes simultaneously. They can work in conjunction with LR type chargers

  • Extremely robust structural design
  • Outstanding performance and reliability
  • Finest quality components
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Remote assistance
  • Tailor-made solutions to fit your needs



Minimum Cycle Time: 
Glass thickness: 
1.8 – 25 mm (0.07 – 1″)
Maximum loading capacity: 
600 kg (1323 Ib)
Maximum Glass Size: 
3700 x 2550 mm (146″ x 101″)
Minimum Glass Size: 
1600 x 1600 mm (63″ x 63″)


Minimum Cycle Time: 
Glass thickness: 
1.8 – 25 mm (0.07 – 1″)
Maximum loading capacity: 
1250 kg (2756 Ib)
Maximum Glass Size: 
6100 x 3300 mm (240″ x 130″)
5500 x 3660 mm (217″ x 144″)
Minimum Glass Size: 
3000 x 1800 mm (118″ x 70″)
  • Simultaneous warehouse reload and loader operation
  • Automatic glass distribution inside the warehouse
  • Additional control desks
  • Rotatory vacuum grid

Highly Sensitive Loading System

Each vacuum cup on the grid is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder to absorb pressure, adapt to possible irregularities and avoid overstraining the glass. It also equips a series of sensors that detect vacuum level, pressure on the glass, glass presence and the exact position of the glass. In addition, each vacuum cup is assembled on a guide with a skid perfectly parallel to the movement of the grid towards the glass to assure that the approach of the vacuum cups is optimal

Advanced Sheet Separation System

Once the approach to the glass is done, the loader vacuums the corresponding cups depending on the size of the glass. When the optimum vacuum level is detected, only the cylinders of the cups located at the upper ends of the glass are controlledly retracted to facilitate a correct separation of the sheet. The loader then checks and ensures the correct separation of the sheet from the pack by a series of horizontal and vertical movements of the grid, and then moves the sheet to the transfer table. The process prevents any glass breakage, ensuring effective separation and high performance

Ultrasonic Presence Detection

The vacuum cup grid incorporates several ultrasonic sensors to allow a millimetric approach to the glass thanks to a very precise distance measurement between the grid and the glass

4×4 Motion

Due to the inherent nature of aerial loaders and how they move loads, they may suffer inertias that can lead to mechanical overloads and less precise movements due to a decrease in effective traction

The advanced 4×4 motion traction system ensures that there is effective traction and total movement control at all times to guarantee that the loader is always exactly where it should be, thereby protecting the mechanical components and extending the lifespan of the machine

Space Location Laser

To ensure efficient and safe operation, the X and Y movement axes of the aerial loader use a laser measurement system to reliably, quickly and extremely accurately position every part of the machine permanently

Structural design

The machines have been designed to optimise storage space, however, with the constant aim of obtaining a higher level of robustness to ensure reliability and smoothness of operation over the years, minimising the vibrations produced during movement to preserve the quality of the glass

Safety Systems

Safety in automatic storage and loading systems is based on ensuring the absence of any individual within the range of action of the machines during operation. To guarantee this premise, a perimetral fence equipped with safety locks isolates the machine’s area of action

In the event that an operator accesses the enclosure while the machine is in operation, the security locks at the entrances detect the action and carry out an immediate and controlled stop. As soon as the enclosure is safe again, the operator can reset the machine to continue with the sequence from the point where it was interrupted

Electrical System

The electrical system is made up of state-of-the-art devices, exclusively implementing leading-edge digital technology in order to offer maximum speed, precision, quality and reliability. The wiring systems, as well as the electrical cabinets, are designed and tested following the most demanding methodology to provide our customers with the most suitable machines for the toughest working conditions in their daily routine. All machine systems are optimized to work together, without any interference, with a common goal: production

100% Made in Europe

TUROMAS uses only the best reference European components to guarantee the highest quality, reliability and performance in our machines under any circumstances

All our machines are completely designed, manufactured and assembled at our facilities in Rubielos de Mora, Spain. This way, we can fully control each of the stages and production processes to ensure the high level of quality that characterizes the brand TUROMAS


The storage systems, whose control system has been developed under a state-of-the-art programming language, can be linked to and communicated with all major commercial optimizers. The HMI has been created with a technology independent from the operating system, which guarantees implementation under any system on the market

Automatic Classifiers

Automatic glass classifiers are the ideal way to store a large number of different types of glass in a limited space. Classifiers can be supplied for different sheet sizes and with different storage capacity per position depending on the production needs