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The range consists of 1 model of telescopic platform installed on pick-up and 6 models of platforms installed on truck, including 2 telescopic, 2 articulated and 2 telescopic with jib.

Telescopic platforms, easy to use and therefore very suitable for rental without operator, as well as maintenance works in general, are equipped with a double stabilization system that allows the operator to use them with stabilizers “in shape”, in order not to exceed the size of the truck or with front stabilizers extended, to increase the working outreach.

Articulated platforms are ideal for maintenance and restoration works as well as for façade decoration and plumbing works thanks to the articulation of the arm that allows to overcome obstacles at 6/7 m height.

Telescopic platforms with jib are more versatile than platforms with telescopic boom only, thanks to the jib that makes basket positioning easier and the folding of the basket in the rear of the vehicle that makes use more rapid and functional. The turret is positioned at approximately 3 meters from the ground, thus allowing the installation of a large box for equipment and tools under the platform.

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