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Vacuum & Tools


600 Kg1.88 m x 1.40 m x 1.28 m

UNIVERSAL GLASS MANIPULATOR with 3 Different Movements

Glass manipulators are used for accurate handling and installation of glass panes, and are faster and more efficient than a single suction cup since a single operator can pick up and lift the pane to the required height, orient it and place it in the position for fixing to the building structure.
MV600R.E can lift panes of up to 600 kg. The operator controls the manipulator by an independent radio remote control: extremely precise movements in all four directions are possible as well as tilt and rotation. In compliance with the relevant regulations, suction cups can be used for any non-porous material.

Technical Information

Available for ANY CRANE Number of Pads 4 8
Dimensions 1880 x 1400 x 1280 mm Factory Use 300 kg 600 kg
Number of Pads 4+4 Building Site Use * 150 kg 300 kg
Electrical System 24 Vdc
Maximum SWL 600 kg
Total Weight 200 kg
Pad Diameter 400 mm
Tilting Angle +30° / – 90°
Slewing Angle 95°
Rotation Angle -40° / +40°