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Jekko – Vacuum & Tools | MR800.4

Vacuum & Tools


800 Kg2.14 m x 1.10 m x 1.153 m

Manipulators for glass panes are specific tools to Jekko mini cranes. They need to be installed in combination with the hydraulic activation. They are used for precise handling and installation of glass panes, and are faster and more efficient in comparison with a single suction cup since one operator is enough to pick up and lift the pane to the required height, orient and place it in the position where it will be fastened to the building structure. Manipulators can lift panes up to 600 kg. The operator controls the manipulator via the machine radio remote control: extremely precise movements in the 4 directions are possible as well as inclination and rotation. Manipulators for glass are available for all models except for the SPB209
Suction cups can be used for all non-porous materials according to the limits provided for by the local regulations in force

Technical Information

MR 800.4
Available for SPX527, SPX1040, MPK20 Number of Pads 6 10
Dimensions 2140 x 1100 x 1153 mm Factory Use 540 kg 800 kg
Number of Pads 6+4 Building Site Use * 270 kg 400 kg
Electrical System 12/24 Vdc
Maximum SWL 800 kg
295 kg
MPK20 +15 kg
SPX527 +45 kg
Pad Diameter 290 mm
Tilting Angle -45 / + 90°
Slewing Angle 360°
Rotation Angle -90° / +90°