Smartlift | 608 Outdoor

A powerful lift suitable for outdoor use

Larger window sections and heavier windows with up to three layers of glass still call for even stronger lifting capacity.

Therefore Smartlift has developed the SL 608 Outdoor in the Outdoor range. The lift is the second most powerful in the Smartlift range with a lifting capacity up to 608 kg.

SL 608 Outdoor is suitable for outdoor lifting assignments for example on construction sites.

Smartlifts are self-driven, and, like other Smartlifts, offers stepless movements across the board. Several movements can be achieved simultaneously, i.e. the device can drive along, hoist, reach out and tilt the attached element all at once.

SL 608 Outdoor is supplied for lifting windows as standard, but can be specially adapted to fulfill your needs. Please contact us for further information.

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