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Smartlift | 408 Outdoor

Glazing robot for use outdoor and indoor.

Lifts up to 380 kg / 837 lbs

The SL 408 Outdoor is designed for glazing jobs on construction sites where installation is possible from the outside.

The modest size of the lift also makes ideal for indoor jobs where room for manouvering is limited. This glazing robot is an extremely hardy and versatile off-roader.

It has front-wheel drive and the front axle is fitted with two wide twin tyres.

It has front-wheel drive and the steering axle is fitted with wide twin tyres to ensure that the vehicle does not get bogged down. Wide tyres also ensure that the lift is stable when driving with a heavy load.

The SL 408 Outdoor has a dual-circuit vacuum system with two vacuum pumps. The lift has two large batteries to ensure operation for a longer period of time. It has a 1200W engine and an electronic braking system.

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