Smartlift | 400 Multilifter Sky Lifter

Vacuum Skylifter for heavy windows and building components

The Skylifter is a new tool for telescopic loaders, mini loaders and cranes for lifting windows, façade elements and other smooth-surfaced building components. The Skylifter is electrically powered and remote-controlled for great precision.

Smartlift, the Danish specialist window lifting equipment company, has developed a new tool for lifting window panels, façade elements, sandwich panels, fibre cement cladding and other heavy units with smooth surfaces.

The Smartlift SL 400 Skylifter is an electrically powered tool for hydraulic machinery such as telescopic loaders, articulated wheel loaders or cranes. The Skylifter’s lifting height is only limited by the capacity of its base machine.

The Skylifter attaches to windows and other components using vacuum suction. The electrical controls enable precision manoeuvring of components for final installation without the need for manual lifting. Site workers thereby avoid heavy lifting and other physical strain prior to installation.

The Skylifter uses state-of-the-art technology and Danish Linak actuators. The combination of its scissor design and newly developed revolving head, it offers six different adjustment parameters – and therefore very high precision.

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