Smartlift | 380 Outdoor

Smartlift 380 Outdoor – off-road excellence

This vacuum lifter is built on the same principles as other popular Smartlift models and is specially adapted for off-road use

Smartlift 380 Outdoor is specially designed for use on building sites. With impressive 380 kg load capacity, the SL 380 Outdoor is an extremely hardy off-roader which is suitable for use indoors and out.

It has front-wheel drive and the front axle is fitted with two wide twin tyres.

The steering axle is also fitted with wide twin tyres to ensure that the vehicle does not get bogged down under extreme outdoor conditions. Wide tyres also ensure that the device is stable when lifting a heavy load.

Like other Smartlifts, SL 380 Outdoor can easily negotiate a van ramp.

SL 380 Outdoor has a dual-circuit vacuum system with two vacuum pumps. The device has two large accumulators to ensure powerful operation for a longer period of time. It has a 1200 W engine and an electronic braking system. Even when carrying a maximum load of 380 kg, the vehicle has more than enough engine power to travel outdoors in difficult terrain.

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