Smartlift | 380 Midi

SL 380 Midi lifting device 380 kg

SL 380 Midi has capacity to hoist up to 380 kg. This device is built on the same tried-and-tested concept and principles as SL 280 Standard and SL 580 Maxi.

We were aware that many of our our customers needed a device to lift around 380 kg, so we designed the Smartlift SL 380 Midi to fill a gap in the market between SL 280 Standard and SL 580 Maxi.

SL 380 Midi is supplied as standard with four suction cups and, like other Smartlifts, offers stepless movements across the board. Several movements can be achieved simultaneously, i.e. the device can drive along, hoist, reach out and tilt the attached element all at once.

SL 380 Midi is supplied as standard with an arm and yoke specially designed to meet the needs of glass and window fitters. However the product can also be supplied with a telescopic arm fitted with a special device for lifting heavy fire doors and gates.

Stringent work environmental regulations state that fire doors and gates, windows, etc. must not be lifted manually. As a result, Smartlift products are indispensable if you intend to comply with legislation and regulations.

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