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Almac | Bibi 1090-Bl Evo

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Quick Specs

  • Max height: 10.0 m
  • Width: 1.46 m
  • Capacity: 300 kg
Dynamic Leveling

The automatic leveling system of the vehicle when the machine is in motion allow the platform to always stays level during movement hence keeping the basket level; in addition to the greater comfort in the basket, it gives a considerable saving of time in terms of operation as they arrive on site, already leveled, ready for elevation.

Pro-Active Leveling

The automatic leveling system of the vehicle works up to a height of 7m while in motion, with a controlled speed of 0.5 km/h.

Unlike what happens on other types of self-propelled vehicles, when the electronic sensors detect a change in ground inclination of a few degrees, the machine stops moving, realigns the basket and then allows the operator to leave without having to get off.

Significant advantage in terms of productivity by greatly reducing the working time of the operator and consequently reducing the downtime of all these types of self-propelled vehicles.

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The bi-leveling mini-scissor equipped with a Kubota diesel engine for operations up to 10 meters in height

The Bibi 1090-BL EVO tracked mini-scissor was developed by Almac’s excellent technical staff to carry out operations up to 10 meters in height. Like all the other models in the series, it is equipped with an innovative bi-leveling system and is powered by a Kubota diesel engine.

What advantages does it offer?

Relying on Almac will give you the opportunity to get an efficient tracked lift, able to simplify your work operations, even in special situations. Specifically, by choosing the model proposed here, you will get numerous advantages such as the following ones:

  • Ability to operate in small spaces
  • Absolute simplicity and safety of use even in conditions of steep slope or rough terrain

What are the available optional?

Although the machinery in question is proposed with numerous standard technological devices, such as the control console, the Dynamic & Proactive lifting system and the Direction control system, Almac makes available some functional optional for this tracked lift. If you choose the mini-scissor here proposed, in fact, you can request some implementations with the inclusion of element such as:

  • 220 V – 2.2 kW Electric pump
  • 220V – 1000W Electric generator
  • Anti-marking tracks

Moreover, you can modify the aesthetic characteristics of your machine, selecting the color of your choice.

Hydraulic Circuit Electric
Engine Diesel
Auto Diagnostic Yes
Control Board Radio (Wireless)
Baskets Adjustable and Fold-able Yes
Easy Drive Yes
Direction Control System Yes
Dynamic drive (DDS) Yes
Dynamic Levelling System Yes
Automatic Levelling System Yes
Crawled Undercarriage Bi-Levelling
Double Speed Kit 2.7 km/h Yes
Electric Motor 220V – 2.2kW Optional
Generator 220V – 1000W Optional
Non-marking Tracks Optional
Custom Colors Optional
Automatic Drive No
Electric Scissors Kit No

Basket Capacity 300 kg (2 person)
Max Working Height 10.0 m
Max Height Basket Floor 8.0 m
Moving Height 7.0 m
Powered Kubota Z602 (12.5kW, Diesel)
Accelerator Automatic
Undercarriage Bi-Levelling
Basket Leveling Automatic
Front Longitudinal Levelling +/- 15°
Rear Longitudinal Levelling +/- 20°
Lateral Levelling +/- 14°
Power Generator (optional) 220V-1kW
Electric Pump (optional) 220V-2kW
Hydraulic Commands Proportional
Dynamic Levelling System Yes
Pro-Active Levelling System Yes
Direction-Control System Yes
Easy-Drive System Yes
High Speed Kit max 2.70 km/h
Ground Control Emergency Yes
Inclination Control Automatic
Gradeability 25°
Side Slope 21°
Length 2.26 m
Width 1.46 – 1.64 m
Min. Machine Height with Folded Railings 2.05 (1.89) m
Total Weight 2830 kg
Compliance EN 280 : 2015