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Viavac | Rotaboy

The RotaBoy makes it possible to pick up sandwich roof panels and to turn them effortlessly 180° at the touch of a button

This powerful device is designed for optimal operating ease, so that the RotaBoy significantly improves labour conditions for the installation of long roof panels.

The rechargeable battery ensures that you can work throughout the day, after which it can be recharged overnight. The standard suction cups are suitable for virtually all the currently known and common roof panels and are fitted with exchangeable sealing profiles, which can be replaced quickly and economically in case of damage or wear. An audible alarm gives a timely warning when the vacuum level is too low or the battery runs low.

RotaBoy, the powerful co-worker that takes the heavy work off your hands!

Easily turns long roof panels

Compact and easy to transport






Vacuum Circuit



Max Weight Capacity

350 kg

600 kg

Max Length Capacity

18.5 m

24 m


500 kg

630 kg