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Viavac | Compact Curved

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The VIAVAC compact Curved is suitable for mounting flat and curved glass panels up to 300 kg

The device is adjustable for different radiuses (max. 800 mm). The glass can be picked up on both the convex and the concave sides. The device has adjustable arms that ensure that the suction cups attach well on the glass. After which it can be lifted entirety to the location and then placed.

This vacuum lifter for glass is an unique device due to its tilt and rotate function. The rechargeable battery ensures that you can work for a whole day. You can charge the battery overnight. The device is robust and solid and equipped with sturdy protective brackets.

A sound alarm warns you when the vacuum level is too low or when the battery runs out. The suction cup has an exchangeable profile which can be replaced quickly and economically in the event of damage or wear. The device is so compact that it can easily be transported in the load space of your car.

The VIAVAC compact Curved is also available with remote control.

The handy co-worker of your assembly team

360° rotation with locking facilty every 90°

90° tilting mechanism

For installation of both flat and curved glass




Viavac Compact Curve

Vacuum Circuit


Max Weight Capacity

300 kg

Max Length Capacity

110 x 60 cm


80 kg