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SL Gipsy is specially developed for plasterboard

Smartlift has developed a version of the popular self-driven Smartlift which is specially designed to use when fitting plasterboard, fibre board, etc.

This machine has a three-part telescopic arm and can handle large sheets of plasterboard at a great height. As the arm is retractable, the device takes up little space, e.g. in a van.

SL Gipsy runs at double speed when lifting, extending and tilting, and therefore meets demands for a rapid tempo often required in fitting work.

SL Gipsy is also fitted with an autogyro control system, so the device is self-levelling to horizontal or vertical, which is indispensable when fitting plasterboard to walls or ceilings.

When you use Gipsy, manual lifting becomes a thing of the past. You also work in line with the BAR plasterboard regulations, which are the Danish requirements for fitting large plasterboards and e.g. fibre board. SL Gipsy is also an ideal lifting device for use in industrial applications. It is exceptionally fast, agile and has an autogyro control system.
SL Gipsy is available with a hook or specially designed lifting tongs or with special attachments – Call us for information.

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