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Almac | Jibbi 1250 Evo

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Quick Specs

  • Working height: 12.20 m
  • Min Width: 1.15 m
  • Capacity: 230 kg

Easy Drive System

This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotation.

Direction-Control System

This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.

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The Innovative Automatic Telescopic Boom levelling system

The latest addition to the AlmaCrawler range, the JIBBI 1250 EVO isa self-propelled telescopic crawled machine with a working height of 12.2m and equipped with a dynamic and automatic levelling system. Developed for slope compensations, as well as for the movementtranslation and levelling at height, it represents a further step forward in terms of attention to operator’s safety.

What are the advantages?

Equipped with an high-performance 19.2 HP three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine and a variable track crawler undercarriage, retractable from 1.95m to 1.15m, the JIBBI 1250 EVO features an innovative automatic telescoping boom levelling system which allows it to reach a working height of 12.2m. At the same time, this allows a lateral variable outreach ranging from 5.5 to 7.0m depending on the operational conditions and the load in the basket, sized to offer a maximum load of 230kg with 2 operators. Among the various advantages offered by its use, moreover, there are the following ones:

  • Possibility to operate on rough terrain and / or on steep slopes. This type of operation is guaranteed by the proven automatic levelling technology (Dynamic and Proactive) in the AlmaCrawler’s Way, which guarantees the opportunity to translate on tracks only until at a maximum height of 8m with fully retracted extension.
  • Excellent compactness, versatility and ease of use, cutting down on average more than 70% the timing required for the single placement of PLE equipped with stabilizers.
  • Removable basket

What technological innovations have been introduced?

AlmaCrawler’s team constantly develops unprecedented functionalities for their machinery, in order to simplify the different operations at high altitude made by the operators and meet their daily and different needs. Specifically, there are many new technological innovations introduced on the new JIBBI 1250 EVO:

  • DWP – Dynamic Working Performance, dynamic control of the performances of the machine accordingly to the working conditions (subject to Patent request);
  • Safe-Lock System, prevention system on the exit of the tracks from the tensioning wheels (subject to patent request)
  • Active set-up for the future Winch Kit (maximum capacity 250kg) proposed as an optional to the traditional aluminium basket (from Spring 2019)
  • New Anti-collision Ultrasonic System, for protecting the operator as an anticrushing barrier on both sides of the basket (in the upper and lower part);

This last equipment, working on the two vertical lines, reduces the risk for the operator at height to bump into involuntary crushing during ascent and descent movements basket ascent and descent movement, by means of an acoustic warning that warns about upcoming obstacles or impediments. In summary, the system operates both on the upper part of the basket (with anti-crushing function of the operator against beams or ceilings) and underneath the basket, with a double safety against accidental collisions and / or the possible crushing of the people below the field of action of the basket itself.

Hydraulic Circuit Electric
Engine Diesel
Auto Diagnostic Yes
Control Board Radio (Wireless)
Easy Drive Yes
Direction Control System Yes
Dynamic drive (DDS) Yes
Automatic Levelling System Yes
Electric Motor 220V – 2,2kW Optional
Generator 220V – 1000W Optional
Non-marking Tracks Optional
Custom Colors Optional
Automatic Drive No

Max Working Height 12.2 m
Max Height Basket Floor 10.2 m
Moving Height 8.0 m
Max Outreach (Load 80 kg) 7.0 m
Max Outreach (Load 230 kg) 5.4 m
Rotation Angle +/-120°
Basket Size 1.4 x 0.7 m
Basket Rotation Angle +/- 70°
Min Basket Capacity 80 kg
Max Basket Capacity 230 kg
Length in Stowed Position (with detached basket) 3.7 (3.0) m
Min Width in Stowed Position 1.15 m
Max Working Width 1.95 m
Min Height in Stowed Position 1.98 m
Longitudinal Levelling +/- 15°
Lateral Levelling +/- 15°
Max Gradeability 30°
Max side Gradeability 20°
Drive Speed (fast) 2.5 km/h
Security Speed 0.3 km/h
Traffic Load 3.77 kN / m2
Total Weight 2850 kg
3TNM68 -AS Yanmar Engine (Diesel) 14 kW – 19.2 Hp
Extras – On Demand
Non-marking Tracks
Electric Pump 220V-2.2KW / 50Hz
Radio Remote Control
Arctic Lubricant for Cold Climate

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