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Standard Features

Max.SpeedMax.AccelerationGlass ThicknessAccuracyTraction System
310 m/min19 m/s²2-25 mm (0.08"-1")±0.10 mm (0.004″)Linear motors
  • Extremely robust structural design
  • Optimized air cushion
  • TFS advanced planimetry system
  • Aluminum board
  • Electronic glass squaring
  • Automatic glass thickness detector
  • Automatic cutting pressure regulation
  • Double-guided cutting bridge
  • Cutting head with self-swivel cutting wheel
  • Automatic glass remnants dimensions measurement
  • Laminated glass cutting
  • Template scanner
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Shape cutting
  • Optimizer software
  • Remote Assistance
  • Advanced shapes editor
  • Compatibility with leading softwares on the market
  • Cutting head with 2 cutting tools
  • Double lubrication tank

Optional Features

Low-E and TPF Edge Deletion System

High performance self-calibrated edge deletion system for Low-E and Low-E glass with temporary protective film (TPF). Equipped with an advanced vacuum cleaner system, it removes the TPF and Low-E in a single operation. Performs linear and shape edge deletion and can make several passes to increase the thickness of the stroke when needed

Printer with Automatic Label Applicator

Automatic printing and labeling system integrated in the Y axis of the cutting bridge