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Standard Features

Max.SpeedMax.AccelerationGlass ThicknessAccuracyTraction System
210 m/min15 m/s²2-25 mm (0.08"-1")±0.15 mm (0.006")Rotative engines
  • Extremely robust structural design
  • Optimized air cushion
  • TFS advanced Planimetry system
  • Aluminum board
  • Electronic glass squaring
  • Automatic glass thickness detector
  • Automatic cutting pressure regulation
  • Double-guided cutting bridge
  • Helicoidal guides
  • Cutting head with self-swivel cutting wheel
  • Automatic glass remnants dimensions measurement
  • Laminated glass cutting
  • Template scanner
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Shape cutting
  • Optimizer software
  • Remote Assitance
  • Advanced shapes editor
  • Compatibility with leading softwares on the market
  • Optimized Break-out system
  • Double lubrication tank
  • Vertical glass separation system
  • Cutting head with 2 cutting tools
  • Trapezoidal rack-and-pinion
  • Self-lubricating bearings

Optional Features

Low-E and TPF Edge Deletion System

High performance self-calibrated edge deletion system for Low-E and Low-E glass with temporary protective film (TPF). Equipped with an advanced vacuum cleaner system, it removes the TPF and Low-E in a single operation. Performs linear and shape edge deletion and can make several passes to increase the thickness of the stroke when needed