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Express 150 / Express 200

Manual, compact and light trolley with reduced dimensions. It is perfect to download, rotate, transport and install glass in a work. One operator can load up to 100kg of glass. Two operators can load up to 150kg. This transportable equipment is very easy and fast to assemble and allow to transport glass even if there are irregular field thanks to their large diameter wheels. It also allows to move the loads through narrow pass up to 600mm


Manual and compact trolley optimized to heavy loads and large volumes. Perfect for glass downloading, rotating, moving and installing at work. Two operators can lift a glass sheet up to 200kg and four operators can load up to 300-400kg


MULE trolley has been designed to assist workers at unloading, movement and rotation of large sheets of glass in factory (for example, to carry entire sheets of class from holding base to cutting machine, to transport and rotate sheets of glass in edger, etc.)